Interview 2014


Fans of Kool G Rap will enjoy this video. In this interview we get a nice insight to the background and early life of Kool G Rap. Many things inside you will learn that was never told before. Things such…


– What kind of student he was in junior high school.
– What type of part time jobs he had as he was growing up.
– His first real money paycheck.
– The key to his success.
– His favorite cartoon.
– what video games he enjoys playing.
– Some of the lyrics he wrote.
– His desire to … Read the rest

New York Escorts Dance To Kool G Rap

brunette escort in while lingerie and stockingsIt was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before but the lovely NY escorts from New York 5 Star escort service escorts right here seem to be big fans of Kool G Rap that they decided to put on an entire show in his honor.

While it was nothing you would see at the Grammie or show at Madison Square Garden but the ladies from this agency did put on a nice show – I will give them that!

It was held at the Mariott in Time Square where they used one of the ballrooms for their annual escort get to … Read the rest